Wellbeing Espresso Series

Short, energising talks delivered at your offices

These punchy 60-90 minute sessions are packed with practical insights and tools around wellbeing at work that can be applied instantly. Whether a one-off ‘lunch and learn’ session, or a series of talks spread out over a number of weeks, espresso wellbeing sessions provide maximum possible impact with the minimum of disruption to the working day.

Resilience at Work

OPEN COURSE: 27 March, London

Why is it that some people are able to cope with setbacks and changes of plan whilst others lose direction and motivation? During this course delegates will take a look at the factors that contribute to resilience – the capacity to use pressure and setbacks positively – and the important role of our own ideas and responses play in this. We will also build a tool-kit of techniques for developing resilience that will have a real impact on delegates’ capacity to cope with difficulties at work.

Personal Impact

Delivered at your offices anywhere in the UK

No matter how technically competent or expert you may be, certain professional communications can still sometimes feel challenging. Whether in your dealings with particular colleagues or in specific scenarios, it may not always be easy to be assertive – which is not the same at all as being aggressive. This personal impact training course is designed to give you a safe and supportive environment in which to discuss issues around self-confidence, assertiveness and maintaining control in your working life.

Time and Priority Management

Delivered at your offices anywhere in the UK

In the rush to hit targets, meet deadlines and wade through backlogs it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed and lose motivation – which can easily make matters worse. During this course we’ll discuss ways delegates can manage their workloads, prioritise, avoid time-wasting practices and make the most of their most productive periods.

PR Skills

Delivered at your offices anywhere in the UK

Effective PR can be one of the most powerful ways of getting people to know about and understand your business, as well as for managing its image and reputation. But how do you make yourself heard with so many companies competing for media attention? This course lifts the lid on the so-called ‘dark arts’ of PR, providing you with the skills and confidence to engage with journalists and gain the publicity you need effectively.