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All of our courses are delivered by highly experienced trainers who put clients' needs front and centre. They'll work with you to develop the perfect course for your group, and deliver it anywhere in the UK... or beyond.

Lead consultants

Alison Townley

Wellbeing and communication
Alison’s background is in human resources, where she has worked for some of the nation’s favourite brands. She’s been a trainer for 15 years, specialising in team development and workplace resilience. Alison is a creative trainer who has a supportive and interactive style in the classroom.

Gillian Heggs

Gillian has over 25 years experience as a practising copywriter and now heads up her own small agency. She’s been passing on her knowledge and skills through training for the last five years, and brings a warm and engaging style to the classroom.

Kate Jennings

Management and communication
Kate’s extensive industry experience along with ten years as a trainer make her a highly effective management teacher. Her lively and enthusiastic training style along with a sharp focus on learners’ needs make her a favourite with many of our clients.

Joanna Markham

Management and productivity
Joanna has a wealth of experience in both industry and academia, and over 15 years as a trainer. Her enthusiasm and inspiring levels of energy make her a big hit in the classroom. She is especially popular with high level delegates, who appreciate her honest and well-informed advice.

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