Storytelling for Marketers

Delivered at your offices anywhere in the UK

This practical course is led by an expert copywriter with over 30 years of experience. It focuses on building storytelling technique, as well as delegates’ understanding of the art of using written storytelling to engage their audience’s attention and imagination. Over the course of the day delegates will learn how to harness the power of the written word to persuade and influence their readers.

Strengths Finder

Strengths Finder® (team talent assessment)

This powerful strengths and talents assessment tool enables team members to understand their strengths and the unique contribution each of them can make to group success. Individual coaching and a team development day help ensure this new knowledge is converted into real-world productivity.

Search Engine Optimisation

Delivered at your offices anywhere in the UK

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and it is the process of driving traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines to your company website. This course teaches you what Search Engine Optimisation is, and how to best implement such optimisation on all of your website pages to ensure those who are searching for you online find you online.

Emotional Intelligence for Managers

Delivered at your offices anywhere in the UK

Emotional Intelligence involves a range of characteristics, including self-awareness, empathy, calmness under pressure and ability to speak one’s mind productively. These skills make for engaging and inspiring leaders, and managers with high levels of EI are consistently shown to outperform their less Emotionally Intelligent counterparts. This course offers managers the chance to learn about themselves and enhance their Emotional Intelligence under the guidance of an expert facilitator.

Handling Challenging Conversations and People

Delivered at your offices anywhere in the UK

Having tricky conversations with staff and colleagues is one of the things many managers dread most. Sometimes this is because thorny issues have to be brought out into the open or because some personalities can be difficult to handle without causing a defensive or emotional response. This practical course provides an excellent way of getting to grips with best practice and building confidence in an open and honest learning environment where concerns and experiences can be shared and addressed.

Leading Projects

Delivered at your offices anywhere in the UK

This is a highly practical introductory project management course, ideal for those having to set up and manage a small project while carrying out their routine duties. It is firmly rooted in the best project management theory, all of which has been tested in practice. The course has been designed to suit those with no formal training in project management, but would also benefit those looking to refresh and update or refresh their skills.

Personal Impact

Delivered at your offices anywhere in the UK

No matter how technically competent or expert you may be, certain professional communications can still sometimes feel challenging. Whether in your dealings with particular colleagues or in specific scenarios, it may not always be easy to be assertive – which is not the same at all as being aggressive. This personal impact training course is designed to give you a safe and supportive environment in which to discuss issues around self-confidence, assertiveness and maintaining control in your working life.

Interviewing Skills

Delivered at your offices anywhere in the UK

Too many interviewers use an unstructured, informal approach that is open to the impacts of bias, prejudice and subjectivity. As a result many selection interviews fail to identify the best candidate for the job. Fortunately the skills and knowledge required to conduct good interviews are not difficult to learn. This practical course will help delegates become competent and confident in this vital aspect of their jobs.

Business Writing Skills

Delivered at your offices anywhere in the UK

With the proliferation of digital media and instant communication good writing skills have never been more essential to professional credibility. Whether you have to produce enticing web copy, readable research reports, succinct emails or just generally polished and professional business writing, this one day course offers a wide range of useful ideas that will have an instant impact on your writing skills, as well as plenty of opportunities for individual feedback from an expert professional writer.

Time and Priority Management

Delivered at your offices anywhere in the UK

In the rush to hit targets, meet deadlines and wade through backlogs it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed and lose motivation – which can easily make matters worse. During this course we’ll discuss ways delegates can manage their workloads, prioritise, avoid time-wasting practices and make the most of their most productive periods.