StrengthsFinder® (team talent assessment)

Give your team a boost with Gallup StrengthsFinder®

Would you like to:Strengths Finder

1. Identify the talents and strengths of your team?

2. Enable your team to understand each other’s strengths and talents to work together more effectively?

3. Maximise these strengths and talents for the benefit of your organisation?

If so, StrengthsFinder® could be the tool you’ve been looking for. Read on to find out how this powerful combination of online assessment, individual coaching and team development could help you.  

What is the Gallup StrengthsFinder®?

The Strengths Finder® assessment tool is an online questionnaire that measures the presence of 34 talent themes and provides individuals with their top “signature” strengths. By understanding and refining these talents, individuals and teams can find ways to play to their strengths in order to be more fully engaged and successful in their work.

StrengthsFinder® is a Trademark of the Gallup Organization, Washington, D.C.

What are the benefits of knowing your staff’s strengths?

Studies by Gallup show that companies who understand and develop their employees’ unique strengths, and channel their employees’ roles accordingly, are much better positioned to dramatically outperform their competitors.  They report:

  • Higher levels of productivity and employee engagement
  • Significantly lower employee turnover in their business.

Clients we have worked with using StrengthsFinder® have reported the following benefits:

  • Greater levels of staff engagement
  • Reduced conflict
  • Improved relationships with clients and customers
  • Clearer strategic direction
  • A language for articulating how different people work and thrive best
  • Higher energy levels for themselves and others
  • Improved teamwork
  • Effective problem solving

How does it work?

1. Initial discussions

To discuss your organisation’s current situation and what you’d like to achieve from using StrengthsFinder®, enabling us to tailor the work we do to your specific needs and objectives.

2. Online Gallup StrengthsFinder® assessment and coaching phone calls

Team members take the online Gallup StrengthsFinder® assessment to discover their top 5 Strengths. The report will show how their dominant talents help them excel.

The coaching phone call provides each team member with a one-on-one individual coaching session with the qualified coach. The scope of this call varies depending on your needs and will be agreed between us. The aim of the call is usually to enable team members to:

  • Develop their understanding of their top five strengths
  • Identify how they use their strengths at work and how they can use them further
  • Discuss the ‘shadow side’ (weaknesses) of any of their strengths, how this can cause difficulties for themselves (and others) and how to manage these
  • Articulate their shadow sides, and impact of them, to team members and colleagues
  • Draw up a plan to actively put their strengths to work,

Typical phone call length is 30-45 mins.

3. An optional Strengths Finder team day

A facilitated day to help team members understand each other and work more cohesively as a team (see below for details).

StrengthsFinder® team day

The team day enables your team to get to know each other better, to more fully understand each other’s strengths and how they can work more effectively together to deliver your organisation’s goals.

The scope of this will be discussed during our initial conversations. The purpose of the Team Day is usually to help staff to:

  • Consolidate their understanding of their individual strengths
  • Get to know each other better
  • Share their top 5 strengths with the rest of the Team
  • Increase their self-awareness of the similarities and differences in strengths of other team members
  • Discuss how they use their top five strengths at work
  • Articulate the reasons for the similarities and differences in the preferred ways of working / decision-making / energy levels / pace / communicating etc. within the team
  • Discuss the ‘shadow side’ of their strengths and where this may cause difficulties for themselves, their team and others
  • Identify how to manage their ‘shadow sides’
  • Identify where their individual and Team strengths fall into the four different categories of: Executing, Influencing and Relationship-building and Thinking – and the impact of this
  • Plan how these strengths can work most effectively together to delivery your goals

Find out more

If you would like to learn more about how StrengthsFinder® could work for you, including costs and timescales, please get in touch.

To get a quote for your team please just drop us an email with the following information:

  • The number of people in your team
  • Whether or not you want to include the team day
  • Where you are based