Building trust and maximising sales

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Building client trust is key to the success of your organisation and to you as a salesperson. This course examines what it takes to build trust, and provides you with the tools, processes and techniques to gain and maintain the trust of your clients over time.

Adapted to your group's needs and delivered at your offices or as live virtual training

About the course

Course overview

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Building trust with your clients is the basis for gaining their ongoing loyalty. Without it, you are likely to have only short-lived transactional relationships, creating by an urgent pressure to find ever more new clients.

If you want to build a loyal customer base that transforms your business results, it’s vital that you know how to build trusting relationships. You’ve probably heard the expression ‘people buy from people’. And experience bears this out: In order to maximise sales opportunities with your clients and potential clients, building trusting person-to-person relationships is fundamental.

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Your behaviour with your clients, your integrity, and your track record of delivering on your promises in the past will define how successful you are when winning contracts, new clients and new business in the future.

To gain the trust of others, exceptional salespeople ensure they can trust themselves first. This programme will build your understanding of what is required to build trust, and provides a process you can apply to start building trust with your clients immediately. It also explores how to flex your style, approach and offering to match the preferences of different clients.


Key details

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By the end of this course, delegates will learn to:

  • Outline what is required to build trusting relationships
  • Define how to behave with clients in order to build a rapport and build on it
  • Define what needs to be done to shape a positive track record
  • Gain an understanding what clients want and need in order to deliver on their expectations
  • Be effective and efficient when managing clients
  • Build their reputation as exceptional salespeople who inspires client loyalty
  • Adjust their behaviour to improve results for all parties

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  1. Building trust
  • How and why trust is so important to increasing sales outcomes
  • Explore how to build trust
  • Balancing our behaviours with our track record
  1. Examine the behaviours that build trust
  • Consider what helpful characteristics an effective salesperson will have
  • Explore the characteristics that are not helpful and the reasons behind this
  1. Consider how to build a track record
  • Examine what outcomes are required
  • What adjustment may be required to meet your business needs and the needs of your client
  1. Assess your current level of trustworthiness
  • Complete a trust self-assessment
  • Examine how being trusted leaves you feeling and thinking about yourself
  1. What steps are required to build trust with others
  • Examine what is currently happening
  • Who you want and need to build trust with?
  • Agree steps forward to renew our levels of trustworthiness
  1. Consider the impact
  • Explore what results are likely to appear with trust at the foundation
  • Explore what further action can be taken to build more relationships
  1. Focus the three key steps forward
  • Make building trust part of everyday life
  • Make a commitment of 3 steps forward doable so you build trust in yourself to deliver

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This programme has been developed for sales specialists who wish to renew their focus and effectiveness or are starting a new role, or any person in a customer facing role who may influence future sales. [/restab][/restabs]

Course leader

Sally Prescott is a highly experienced trainer, coach and consultant with many years of experience in senior roles in the hospitality industry and the charity sector.

Sally has years of experience in the the luxury hotel and hospitality industry, helping organisations deliver exceptional service, leadership and communications. She is a qualified coach and is licensed to deliver a wide range of training programmes. Whether through classroom or virtual training, Sally’s energy, knowledge and experience have a lasting impact on those she teaches.


Track record

“Wonderful day. Filled me with positive energy and feeling very motivated at a much needed time.”
Delegate, John Lewis Partnership

“Great learning experience, but more importantly, I feel I can use what I’ve learnt in everyday life – work, home and personal.”
Marketing Manager, Life Fitness

“Very engaging and interactive. [The trainer] was superb.”
Director, Advertising Standards Agency

“I am noticeably more confident and self-aware since I took part in the course and feel empowered to develop my career in a way that plays to my strengths.”
Scientist, British Antarctic Survey

“I learnt a lot from the day. Lots of ideas to return to the office with. Very much enjoyed the course and the fantastically knowledgeable trainer.”
Delegate, Iris Accountancy Solutions

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Additional learning resources

Post-course support

We understand that your professional development doesn’t end when you walk out of the classroom. The time you’ve put in will only make a real impact if your learning is carried into the way you work. That’s why we offer post-course support in implementing your new skills, for as long as required. Your trainer is available to discuss problems, provide advice or offer feedback until you feel confident on your own.

E-learning package

This course also includes access to an ‘e-learning pinboard’, a password protected webpage where your trainer has posted articles, videos, interviews and other useful tools around the topic for you to draw on for inspiration and ideas going forward.

Bespoke virtual & classroom workshops

If you have any questions or if you would like to speak to one of our trainers about how the Building Trust and Maximising Sales course could work for your organisation please get in touch. We can deliver the course at your offices, anywhere in the UK – and beyond.

This course can be delivered for your group by our expert facilitators at your offices or as a virtual classroom live over the internet.

In most cases we can provide an all-inclusive quote to cover design, delivery and materials with some basic information:

  • Which course you are interested in
  • Where the course would take place
  • How many delegates need to be trained

Just drop us a line with these basic facts and we’ll get back to you with a no-obligation quote on the same day.