Team workshops

Time and space to build relationships and productivity

  • Gain deep insights into team composition and dynamics
  • Understand your colleagues’ personalities and preferences
  • Agree new ways of collaborating that play to team strengths
  • Strengthen group identity and relationships
  • Build shared purpose and create practical action plans

Half or full day
In-person or virtual

Explore your team's dynamics and unlock its potential

Teams are complex and dynamic social organisms, and there is no single formula guaranteed to make yours more productive, efficient and happy. 

Instead, you need a clear-eyed view of its specific realities – its people, relationships and processes – and to use this knowledge to find ways of working that play to the team’s strengths in the most effective ways. 

And this is where our Team Workshops come in. 

By combining sophisticated diagnostic analysis with engaging, expert facilitation, we help your team develop greater awareness of what each member has to offer, identifying new ways to collaborate that make the most of their skills and preferences.  

A Team Workshop is an invaluable opportunity to step back and think about what really makes your team tick.

Content can be adapted to your needs and circumstances, and delivered either virtually or in-person at your offices.

"Our team strategy workshop was well-structured, motivating and brilliantly facilitated."
Craig Mills
CEO, Vizzuality

Choice of analytical tools



A sophisticated tool that reveals the strengths, preferences and characteristics of each team member. Ideal for developing self- and team-awareness, and for informing the creation of collaboration processes that make the most of the team's intellectual and emotional resources.


This measure of emotional intelligence is based on feedback from a wide range of colleagues, and can be used to facilitate self-awareness and improved understanding across the team. Especially useful in teams where relationships are in need of improvement.

Influencing styles

This quick, simple assessment helps participants to understand their preferred mode of persuasion. Understanding and adapting to the influencing styles of colleagues is an important step to maximising the impact of your communication.

Gain a deep understanding of your team's composition and strengths

Build your workshop from our huge content library

We will help you select the right workshop elements to meet your needs and deliver an engaging, motivating session.
All content can be adapted to the needs of your group and organisation.

Below is a selection of some of our most popular content. 


Collective intelligence

CI is the group equivalent of individual IQ. Teams with high CI outperform others on a range of tasks, from ideation to decision-making. Explore ways to boost CI in your team.


Psychological safety

Ensuring team members feel supported, confident and respected is essential to long-term engagement and productivity. Learn how to create a psychologically safe culture in your team.


Cognitive diversity

Explore the different thinking styles encompassed by your team. Discover new ways to harness this diversity to maximise both team and individual performance. 


Collaboration processes

The processes we put in place to combine skills and knowledge are the vital infrastructure of effective teamwork. Refine your collaboration process to increase the efficiency of your team.


Strengths audit

Every team member brings a unique set of strengths to the table. Discover the mix of strengths in your team using an online assessment, then identify the best ways to work to make the most of these talents.


Communication styles

We all communicate - and respond to others' communication - in different ways, and understanding and adapting to each other's preferences can be a powerful way of achieving clear and effective communication in the team.


Strategic brainstorm

A facilitated brainstorming session using powerful tools to help paint the big picture, assess possible actions and agree priorities.


Team charter

Agree a set of guidelines around how team members interact, behave and collaborate to create clarity and shared standards across the team.


Building a team identity

Learn a range of tools to help build a stronger sense of shared responsibility and purpose across the team. Identity practices that will sustain this in the long-term.


Team wellbeing

Learn about the importance of wellbeing to team performance, and explore a range of tactics and strategies for boosting team and individual wellbeing.


Managing conflict

Spend time diagnosing the kinds of conflict that can disrupt your team, and identify strategies for minimising or defusing conflict when it arises.


Skills congruence

Learn how creating an optimal fit between team members' skills and the tasks they have to complete in their day-to-day work is a powerful way of maximising team performance.

"This course was unlike any other I have been on and it has been nothing short of transformational for me… I feel empowered to develop my career in a way that plays to my strengths."
Dr Rachel Cavanagh
British Antarctic Survey

Why choose Cambridge Exec?

If you’re looking for an engaging team experience backed by the best diagnostic tools, you’ve come to the right place.

"Our trainer was knowledgeable,
friendly and created a brilliant
energy level in the room."
Victoria Lebedeva
Wellcome Genome Campus

Flexible approach with workshops tailored to your needs
With content chosen from our unique library of modules and further adapted to your needs, you can be sure your workshop will have maximum impact and no filler.

Robust diagnostics and expert analysis
Our team are qualified experts in a range of industry-leading psychometrics, personality assessments and team diagnostics that provide unparalleled detail and insight into the workings of your team.

Engaging, motivating and fun workshop facilitation
Our facilitators are all highly experienced classroom and virtual trainers. They are experts at ensuring full engagement and keeping participants fresh and energised.

Immediate impact through action plans
We build in time for creating practical action plans helps to ensure lessons learnt are applied to real life straight away.

Follow-up support and coaching
For those who want extra help implementing their learning, optional post-workshop sessions and coaching are available for individuals and teams.

Clients include:

Core consultancy team

Sally Prescott

Sally has years of experience supporting organisations to deliver exceptional service, leadership and communications. She is a qualified coach and is licensed to deliver a wide range of training programmes. Whether through classroom or virtual training, Sally's energy, knowledge and experience have a lasting impact on those she teaches.

Kate Jennings

A highly experienced trainer, coach and consultant with a commercial background in product development, Kate has worked with clients in the UK, Europe and US to develop and deliver classroom and virtual professional skills programmes.

Jo White

Jo is an experienced business leader, trainer and coach with a proven track record of forming, growing and developing high-performing teams. With a focus on effective communication, collaboration and emotional intelligence Jo equips teams with the skills they need to be fulfilled and effective.

Find out more...

If you have a group of managers who could benefit from the Teamcraft programme, we can work with you to adapt the content to your needs and can deliver the programme to a schedule that suits you.

Participants can join a virtual training session from the office or from home, and can take part in their own teams or departments, or with a mixture of colleagues from across your organisation. Classroom deliveries can be arranged at a venue of your choice.

Please contact us to find out more and to obtain a quote.