Time and Priority Management

Tips and tools to boost productivity

In today’s high pace, communication rich working environments we are increasingly expected to deliver high quality results on multiple, simultaneous projects whilst keeping to tight and challenging deadlines. Time and priority management skills have never been so important.

This highly practical workshop provides a toolkit of techniques to help busy people avoid sacrificing quality for quantity or being forced to give up large amounts of personal time in the battle to keep on top of their work.

The programme also recognises the relationship between good time and priority management and wellbeing at work. Stress, which is often associated with a perceived lack of control over workload, has become the single most common reason given for absence days in the UK. It is therefore in all of our interests to ensure workers are equipped with the skills to exercise control and good decision-making over how they allocate their time at work.


What participants will learn

This intensive session has been designed to have maximum practical impact in a short time. The topics covered include:

  • Prioritising tasks to maximise efficiency and deal with the most important jobs first
  • Avoiding procrastination and lethargy
  • Managing pressure and maintaining wellbeing at work
  • Maintaining a good work-life balance
  • Knowing how and when to delegate
  • Being assertive in controlling responsibilities by managing upwards
  • Identifying how our personality type can influence when and how we feel under pressure
  • How to increase efficiency in managing multiple responsibilities
  • Identifying and using our ‘prime time’ effectively
  • Ways we can take greater control of our working life
  • Improving how we plan our work to avoid feeling overwhelmed

Classroom or virtual delivery

This highly interactive programme can be delivered virtually or, if you are running two sessions on the same day, as traditional classroom training.

Virtual sessions last 90-120 minutes and classroom sessions two to three hours, depending on the backgrounds of those attending and any specific learning aims. 

In either format, the training sessions are intensive, packed with tools and tips, and highly engaging, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to make an immediate improvement to onboarding and retention in their teams.

If you have a group of staff who could benefit from the Time and Priority Management course, we can deliver a session for your organisation at a time that suits you.

Participants can join a virtual session from the office or from home, or we can come to you to deliver the training in the classroom.

Fees depend on the number of participants and whether or not you would like the content adapted to address any specific issues relevant to your group.

Please contact us to find out more and to obtain a quote.

About us

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For twenty years we’ve been helping organisations ranging from small startups to international brands to build their people’s capacities, enhance wellbeing and boost engagement and productivity at work.

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