Outplacement training

Virtual or classroom delivery

When an organisation has to make redundancies, it can be a challenging time for those who are leaving as they face the upheaval of looking for a new role. But it can also be difficult for those that remain, who may experience a loss of morale and trust in their employer. As a result, poorly handled redundancies can lead to a toxic mix of emotional, operational and reputational damage.

In the interests of both the wellbeing and prospects of leavers and the ongoing success of the organisation, it is therefore essential that redundancies are seen to be conducted supportively, professionally and sensitively. A vital part of this is providing leavers with the help they need to transition to new roles as smoothly as possible.

This workshop can help your organisation to fulfil this important responsibility.

It provides leavers with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to get noticed by potential employers, stand out from the crowd and perform well at interview, helping them to maximise their chances of quickly securing a great new role.

The session is led by a highly experienced career management expert, and caters for small groups of up to 8 delegates, allowing time to discuss individual challenges as well as to practice new skills in a supportive environment. Participants will leave with the tools and confidence to think positively about the future and limit any time spent out of work.

What participants will learn

This workshop focuses on three key areas that will have the maximum impact on participants’ chances of securing a new role:

1. How to write a CV that consistently gets into the ‘must interview’ pile

If your CV was a book, would it be a niche autobiography or a bestselling novel? Just like the most successful page-turners, the trick of a great CV is to make it as engaging as possible for as long as possible. The average recruitment manager spends only 5-7 seconds on each CV… can you keep their attention for longer? Learn how to ensure your CV is focused, relevant and evidenced to get the attention you deserve.

2. How to approach interviews with authenticity and confidence

How can you project both competence and confidence when talking about your work? You may be very good at something, but not confident in communicating that clearly in an interview. Or perhaps you plan on simply “faking it ’til you make it?” We’ll explore the relationship and differences between confidence and competence, and how to put your best foot forward at interview.

3. How to communicate your abilities using evidence and effective storytelling

How do you prepare for a successful interview? Learn how to develop your personal bank of evidence-based stories that demonstrate your achievements, as well as useful techniques to rapidly recall these stories under pressure. Great stories may be the most important tool you need to land your dream role. 

How is the training delivered?

This workshop can be delivered virtually or, if you are running two sessions on the same day, as traditional classroom training.

Virtual sessions last about two hours and classroom sessions around three hours, depending on the specific needs of the participants. 

In either format, the training is intensive, packed with tools and tips, and highly engaging, equipping participants with the knowledge and confidence they will need to navigate their path to a new role successfully.

Your trainer

Katherine Wiid has a strong reputation for enabling career professionals to get through major career change, redundancy and / or indecision and to realise their potential. During the recession of 2008 she facilitated a Response to Redundancy scheme throughout the East of England. Since then, Katherine has coached hundreds of individuals to move away from uncertainty towards clarity in their careers, and to secure exciting new roles. A ‘perceptive and engaging’ speaker, she has delivered talks, workshops and webinars on career related topics for a wide range of British and international organisations over more than a decade.

Katherine Wiid - Cambridge Executive Development

If you have a group of staff who could benefit from Outplacement training, we can deliver an in-company session at a time that suits you.

Participants can join a virtual session from the office or from home, or we can come to you to deliver the training in the classroom.

Fees depend on the number of participants and whether or not you would like the content adapted to address any specific issues relevant to your group.

Please contact us to find out more and to obtain a quote.

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