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Creating people-centred workplaces

Our management skills training has helped over a thousand organisations create thriving, profitable and productive workplaces built around human needs, preferences and behaviours.

An original, research-backed training syllabus helps us support staff wellbeing, encourage positive interactions and build productive relationships with colleagues and customers. We help foster the people-centred culture and leadership that’s crucial to your future success.

Full virtual training syllabus

All of our classroom courses are also available as virtual training sessions, delivered live by expert trainers via Zoom, Webex, Connect, or your preferred platform. We also offer a range of special virtual programmes designed specifically to meet the needs of home and remote workers.

You can choose between full day programmes and shorter intensive sessions to fit around your team members’ schedules, whether they are at the office or working from home.

Management skills training that creates leaders and forges teams

People who are motivated, engaged, healthy and well-supported not only perform better at work, they also stay longer in their jobs, need fewer days of sick, and are much more likely to act as advocates for their employers. 

Research consistently shows that investing in whole people – not reducing them to their role or function – pays huge dividends. People who are empowered, treated well, and given opportunities to develop will repay their organisations many times over.

For over fifteen years we’ve been helping organisations ranging from global brands to startups and across private, public and volunatry sectors to build their people’s capacities, engagement and wellbeing.

Our model connects individual wellbeing, productive interactions and flourishing relationships. Focusing on these elements creates a virtuous circle that drives the collaboration, team culture and productivity characteristic of the very best people-centred workplaces.

Clients include:

“Our trainer has been superb in her contact with us and personalisation of the course content including work specific role plays to meet our needs from start to finish… Working with Cambridge Executive Development has been a massive success and has provided a large section of our colleagues across the business with the tools and techniques to transform difficult conversations into every day conversations.”

Alexandra Willians, Northern Gas

Our model: Three elements

Based on years of consulting experience and backed by extensive research, our model identifies three domains that have the greatest influence on success in creating a thriving people-centred culture:

  • Flourishing wellbeing
  • Productive interactions
  • Thriving relationships

Each of these domains influences the others, creating a self-reinforcing virtuous circle that increases productivity and morale, reduces absence and staff turnover. It also improves engagement and collaboration between and within teams. 

Competence in all three domains is essential to great people-centred management and leadership. All our programmes are guided by this essential framework.


and resilience

Individual wellbeing is the bedrock of organisational wellbeing. Emotional, physical and social health are major drivers of performance and morale, and can have a strong influence on both interactions and relationships at work.

and communications

Individual interactions build into relationships. Positive and productive interactions not only set the scene for great collaboration, loyalty and motivation,  they also have an important impact on  wellbeing.

and teams

Excellent interpersonal relationships are fundamental to a individual and team success. They empower people to contribute, enable effective leadership, and buttress personal and team wellbeing.

People-centred management skills training

Managers have a key role to play in bringing out the best in others and in creating the right environment for collaboration and teamwork to thrive.

Expert people management means providing support and motivation, setting goals, celebrating success and nurturing a powerful team spirit. Great people managers help every individual achieve their full potential.

Our management programmes are built around our model of people-centred leadership, and can be adapted to meet the needs of a wide range of staff.

Leadership and management training

“This course was unlike any other I have been on and it has been nothing short of transformational for me! I am weaving aspects of it into areas of my life both inside and outside of work with great effect… I am noticeably more confident and self-aware since I took part on the course and feel empowered to develop my career in a way that plays to my strengths and embraces change.”

Dr Rachel Cavanagh, British Antarctic Survey

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