Influencing and impact
at work

Virtual and classroom training

Our ability to make the best possible contribution at work doesn’t just come down to the quality of our ideas or our specialist skills or knowledge. Just as important is our ability to make sure our voices are heard, and to ensure that our opinions are taken seriously by colleagues at all levels of the organisation.   

For many of us, this can be a challenge. Not everyone is naturally assertive, and many dislike the ‘politics’ of workplace influence. But there are many ways to increase our impact at work while remaining true to ourselves. Put simply, we need to think more methodically about how influence works, and find ways of connecting with the right people in ways that resonate with their needs.

This highly practical training programme has been designed to help participants develop their ability to influence others and have a greater impact in their communication at work. It includes a range of tools, from tips of body language and building confidence to methods for thinking strategically about stakeholders and identifying win-win outcomes. The session also includes plenty of opportunities for discussion and practice, ensuring that participants leave feeling ready to apply their new skills and knowledge in the workplace. 

What participants will learn

This course can be delivered either as a 120-minute virtual training session, or as a comprehensive full day classroom course. The content of the sessions includes:

Full day classroom programme

  • Choosing the style you want to present and maximise your authenticity 
  • Enhancing your approaches to achieve more effective personal relationships at work
  • Being more assertive and increasing your confidence
  • Using voice and body language techniques to increase your impact and authority
  • Understanding your motivations
  • Understanding your key stakeholders
  • Using  WIIFM to engage and motivate stakeholders
  • Mapping stakeholders using the power / influence matrix 
  • Identfiying how to increase buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Recognising your preferred influencing style
  • Developing a flexible influencing style
  • Applying the techniques to build stronger, more constructive relationships with colleagues and stakeholders
  • Developing influencing skills and rising to the challenge
  • Increasing the visibility of yourself /  your team / your work / projects effectively to relevant stakeholders  
  • Producing win-win interactions

120-minute virtual programme

  • Using WIIFM to better impact your colleagues and stakeholders
  • Understanding what different people are motivated by
  • Using voice and body language techniques to increase your impact and authority
  • Understanding your preferred influencing style
  • Recognising the impact of different influencing styles
  • Identifying ways to flex your influencing style to better connect with stakeholders
  • Action planning to increase influence with different stakeholders

Classroom or virtual delivery

This training can be delivered virtually via Zoom, Teams or your preferred video conferencing platform, or as traditional classroom training at your offices.

In either format, the training sessions are intensive, packed with tools and tips, and highly engaging, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to make an immediate improvement to onboarding and retention in their teams.

If you have a group of staff who could benefit from the Influencing and Impact course, we can deliver a session for your organisation at a time and date that suits you.

Participants can join a virtual session from the office or from home, or we can come to you to deliver the training in the classroom.

Fees depend on the format, number of participants, and whether or not you would like the content adapted to address any specific issues relevant to your group.

Please contact us to find out more and to obtain a quote.

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