Starting the Conversation about Mental Health at Work

OPEN COURSE: 15 May, London

Mental health issues affect around one in six workers at any given time, yet few ask their employers for help. Of course this is bad for the individual concerned, but the impact on their productivity and morale is bad for the organisation too. This course equips managers with a deeper understanding of mental health problems, and shows them how they can encourage a supportive culture that makes a real difference to the mental health of their teams.

Wellbeing at work

Delivered at your offices anywhere in the UK

A healthy, happy workplace is good for business and for staff, boosting staff engagement and productvity, and reducing absence rates and staff turnover. This course focuses on helping managers to improve wellbeing in their teams, and provides a toolkit of healthy habits that help boost physical and emotional wellbeing inside and outside of work.

Wellbeing Espresso Series

Short, energising talks delivered at your offices

These punchy 60-90 minute sessions are packed with practical insights and tools around wellbeing at work that can be applied instantly. Whether a one-off ‘lunch and learn’ session, or a series of talks spread out over a number of weeks, espresso wellbeing sessions provide maximum possible impact with the minimum of disruption to the working day.

Building a resilient team

Delivered at your offices anywhere in the UK

Managers are in a powerful position to influence the wellbeing and productivity of their teams, but they need to be equipped to recognise and assist when team members show signs that they are struggling at work. And even before this, managers can play a key role in helping to build their team’s ability to cope and ‘bounce back’ when things don’t work out as planned. This highly practical programme provides a suite of skills to help managers build resilience into their teams, and to support those who need it most.

Resilience at Work

Delivered at your offices anywhere in the UK

Why is it that some people are able to cope with setbacks and changes of plan whilst others lose direction and motivation? During this course delegates will take a look at the factors that contribute to resilience – the capacity to use pressure and setbacks positively – and the important role of our own ideas and responses play in this. We will also build a tool-kit of techniques for developing resilience that will have a real impact on delegates’ capacity to cope with difficulties at work.