Healthy hybrid teams

A toolkit for managers // open and in-house options

Over the last few years, hybrid and remote teams have become the norm for many organisations. The potential up-sides are obvious: flexibility, convenience and a better work/life balance. But the lack of regular in-person contact creates a range of new challenges too. From drift and disengagement to meeting overload,  managers must be equipped to recognise and deal with potential pitfalls, and to ensure they are leading a healthy and productive hybrid team. 

This virtual workshop provides participants with a clear set of tools to help them build a sense of shared identity and purpose, increase engagement and cohesiveness, and build strong and efficient working relationships across their team. It also addresses issues around onboarding new members, building trust and effective communication.

Led by an experienced leadership expert, this live and interactive two-hour training session focuses on practical techniques with instant real-world application. Individual delegates can join an open course, and for larger groups we offer tailored in-house virtual deliveries.

Next open session: 10 November at 2pm

What participants will learn

This intensive session is designed to have maximum practical impact in a short time. It provides tools and tips around topics including:

1. The key elements of a great hybrid team

2. Engagement: The essential foundation

  • How high engagement builds performance and wellbeing, and reduces staff turnover
  • Key challenges to building engagement in hybrid and remote teams
  • Building engagement with autonomy and responsibility
  • 12 proven and practical tools for increasing your team’s engagement

3. Psychological safety and team effectiveness

  • Psychological safety: Openness, trust, and honesty in hybrid teams
  • The powerful link between psychological safety and team performance
  • Practical ways to build psychological safety in your team

4. Communication and meetings in the hybrid world

  • Knowing the difference between ‘effective’ and ‘efficient’ communication
  • Maximising the benefits of synchronous and asynchronous work
  • Coordinating project work in dispersed teams
  • How to run successful hybrid meetings
  • Ways to ensure inclusion and equality in remote communication

 5. Social capital, team effectiveness and relationships

  • What is social capital and why does it matter?
  • Building and strengthening relationships in your team and beyond

6. Building a cohesive hybrid team

  • Building cohesion and shared purpose in your team and the wider organisation
  • Maintaining a strong team identity in geographically dispersed teams
  • Helping new team members to integrate successfully

Every participant receives a PDF course handbook covering everything they’ve learnt on the course.

How is the training delivered?

This is a live and fully interactive training session. Just like classroom training, it is delivered by an experienced tutor to a small group, ensuring plenty of chances to ask questions and discuss experiences. 

Using a web-based interface (Zoom, Teams, WebEx etc.) delegates are able to see, hear and interact with the trainer and other participants in real time. The session is intensive, and last about 2 hours, equipping participants with a raft of instantly implementable hybrid management techniques.

Our trainers

All of our trainers are expert practitioners and consultants, with many years of experience delivering impactful training across a broad range of organisations and sectors.

Sally Prescott

Sally has years of experience supporting organisations to deliver exceptional service, leadership and communications. She is a qualified coach and is licensed to deliver a wide range of training programmes. Whether through classroom or virtual training, Sally's energy, knowledge and experience have a lasting impact on those she teaches.

Kate Jennings - Cambridge Executive Development

Kate Jennings

A highly experienced trainer, coach and consultant with a commercial background in product development, Kate has worked with clients in the UK, Europe and US to develop and deliver classroom and virtual professional skills programmes.

Joanna Markham - Cambridge Executive Development

Joanna Markham

Joanna developed her vast knowledge over a long career as an academic and senior leader in industry. As a consultant she has worked with some of the world’s biggest companies, helping develop the professional and leadership skills of people ranging from new starters to CEOs.

for individuals...

The next open Healthy Hybrid Teams programme is on 10th November at 2pm – 4pm.

The session will be delivered via Zoom, with a maximum of 12 participants to ensure plenty of opportunities for discussion.

A place on this course costs £195+VAT. To join us, please click the ‘register now’ button below to access the booking form. 

for a group...

If you have a group of colleagues who could benefit from the Healthy Hybrid Teams training we can deliver a private session at a time that suits you.

Participants can join the session from the office or from home, and can take part in their own teams, or with a mixture of colleagues from across your organisation.

Fees depend on the number of participants and whether or not you would like the content adapted to address any specific issues relevant to your group.

Please contact us to find out more and to obtain a quote.

About us

Cambridge Exec is a boutique learning consultancy made up of a select team of specialists in workplace wellbeing, communications and people-oriented leadership and management. We deliver training and coaching, and conduct research and analysis that supports your people-centred workplace culture.

For twenty years we’ve been helping organisations ranging from small startups to international brands to build their people’s capacities, enhance wellbeing and boost engagement and productivity at work.

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