Interviewing skills

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Objective interviewing is central to an effective selection process. Learn how to conduct professional, accurate assessments of candidates through competency based interviewing on this intensive and highly practical course. 

  • Use objective criteria to assess candidates
  • Be aware of and overcome biases
  • Use questioning techniques to probe for evidence
  • Ensure legal compliance

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About the course

Course overview

Appointing the right people is one of the most important ingredients determining the effectiveness of an organisation. So investment in effective recruitment contributes directly to an organisation’s success.

Professional interviewing techniques are vital for a fair, objective and accurate assessment of potential future employees. They minimise the subjectivity that can creep into interviewing and help interviewers focus on substance rather than being distracted by superficial characteristics, biases or personal preferences. This means better candidates are selected.

But an objective interview process not only ensures the quality of new recruits, it also helps protect your organisation from costly legal disputes arising from alleged breaches of equal opportunities legislation.

This one day interviewing training workshop provides comprehensive training in the techniques of best practice competency based interviewing, equipping delegates with the skills to make sound decisions and objective, evidence-based judgements.

Course details

  • By attending this course delegates will learn…

    • The elements and process of best practice recruitment and selection
    • How to avoid biases and conduct fair, unbiased interviews
    • How to define what competencies are, and how they relate to a particular role
    • Tips to help the candidate to shine at interview
    • Ways of presenting the role and your organisation effectively
    • How to ask the right questions to establish behavioural competence
    • The value of concrete examples as objective indicators of competence
    • How to evaluate a candidate’s performance at interview

    1. The Recruitment Process
    2. Employment Legislation and Obligations
    3. Avoiding bias
    4. Do’s and don’ts of effective, objective competency based interviews
    5.  The interviewer’s role in the actual interview
    6. Helping the candidate to shine
    7. Establishing fit with the role and the company
    8. Presenting the role and the company well and truthfully
    9. Essential Communication Skills
    10. Questioning techniques
    11. Active listening (Carl Rogers model)
    12. Body language
    13. Establishing behavioural competence
    14. Using job descriptions and person identification to draw out the desired behaviours
    15. Identifying what questions will be most/least effective to get useful information
    16. Preparing follow-up questions and drilling down to ensure that candidate is challenged to provide concrete examples of demonstrated behaviours, rather than settling for superficial, theoretical responses to tick boxes
    17. Making the right decision
    18. Comparing candidates objectively
    19. Checking the validity of the interview and its outcome
    20. Skills practice
    21. Self-reflection and feedback from the group
    22. Action planning


  • This course is ideal for anyone who conducts selection interviews as part of their job.

Course leader

Alison Townley spent many years in senior positions in human resources before turning her hand to training and consultancy fifteen years ago. Her encouraging and supportive style combined with impeccable subject knowledge make her a highly effective trainer. Alison specialises in communication skills and workplace well-being, and is qualified in a range of psychometrics and other development tools. Her delegate-focused approach has helped her become an indispensable partner to many of our clients.

Track record

“Very enjoyable and motivating. Will put into practice with my team.”
Delegate, Westminster City Council

“Good, practical advice.”
Delegate, Berwin Leighton Paisner

“One of the best training courses I have attended. Many thanks.”
Delegate, Markel International

“All was beneficial… without doubt the best workshop I’ve ever attended.”
Delegate, Just Retirement

“Excellent. Has helped me BIG time.”
Delegate, Manpower

“In a safe environment I felt able to explore aspects on my behaviour without being made to feel vulnerable.”
Delegate, Markel International

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Additional learning resources

Post-course support

We understand that your professional development doesn’t end when you walk out of the classroom. The time you’ve put in will only make a real impact if your learning is carried into the way you work. That’s why we offer post-course support in implementing your new skills, for as long as required. Your trainer is available to discuss problems, provide advice or offer feedback until you feel confident on your own.

E-learning package

This course also includes access to an ‘e-learning pinboard’, a password protected webpage where your trainer has posted articles, videos, interviews and other useful tools around the topic for you to draw on for inspiration and ideas going forward.

In-house courses at your offices

If you have any questions or if you would like to speak to one of our trainers about how this course could work for your organisation please get in touch. We can deliver the course at your offices, anywhere in the UK – and beyond.

In most cases we can provide an all-inclusive quote to cover design, delivery and materials with some basic information:

  • Which course you are interested in
  • Where the course would take place
  • How many delegates need to be trained

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