19 September, 2022

Bias – resources

Academic and formal reports

This report discussed in-group bias in recruiting, whereby firms tend to recruit people like those who are already part of the organisation. It describes an experiment focusing on the role of gender. Microsoft Word – LMDSWP201906_omslag.doc (diva-portal.org)


This paper describes different forms of in-group bias in detail. Hewston Rubin and Willis


This paper assesses the effects of cognitive bias in the context of STEM in particular: Advancing Science: How Bias Holds Us Back – ScienceDirect


This paper is from a libraries and information sector context, but is clearly written and provides some widely applicable prescriptions for reducing the impact of implicit biases: Minimizing and Addressing Implicit Bias in the Workplace: Be Proactive, Part One (utk.edu)

Non-acadmic articles

A neat summary of 9 key biases relevant to recruitment and selection: 9 types of bias that can influence your candidate selection – JobAdder


This article provides a list of many more biases relevant to selection decisions. It usefully divides them into two sets: Those based on personal evaluations of others, and those based on decision making contextCognitive biases in hiring — a cheat sheet | by Theo Fellgett | Finding Needles in Haystacks | Medium


This third article is an attempt to summarise all cognitive biases (not just those relevant to recruitement and selection), and includes a useful diagram. Cognitive bias cheat sheet. An organized list of cognitive biases because thinking is hard. | by Buster Benson | Better Humans