What is the course content?

Every in-house delivery is unique and adapted to the needs of your delegates and organisation, however, a typical course might be structured like this: Why? – Reminding writers of the differing purposes words can be put to – Finessing ways of achieving those desired outcomes Who? – Making writing work for readers – Knowing positive Read more about What is the course content?[…]

What will delegates learn?

During the Business Writing course delegates will learn: To identify the ways they already achieve professional excellence in your communications Tips on how to build relationships and promote trust through words How to overcome writer’s block How to structure their writing effectively How to achieve appropriate tone in every piece of writing How to self-edit Read more about What will delegates learn?[…]

Who is it for?

This course provides general writing advice applicable to a wide range of contexts. As such, it’s suitable for delegates from any professional background who write as part of their job.

What’s this course about?

The ability to convey ideas, facts and meaning through the written word is a key skill for success at work and in life in general. This is perhaps truer now than ever, with the proliferation of digital media (especially email) and well documented employer concerns around standards of written English. Of course there is a Read more about What’s this course about?[…]