What’s this course about?

The ability to convey ideas, facts and meaning through the written word is a key skill for success at work and in life in general. This is perhaps truer now than ever, with the proliferation of digital media (especially email) and well documented employer concerns around standards of written English.

Of course there is a margin for error when emailing a colleague or preparing an internal memo – nobody’s perfect; but for those who write on behalf of the company for a wider audience the expectations are much higher. Not only must they produce grammatically correct texts that are free from typos and spelling errors, they are often required to produce writing that persuades, conveys certain attributes or values (trustworthiness, dynamism, quality), or explains complicated ideas in an easily digestible form.

These are subtle skills that can take years to develop and hone, but there are many tips and techniques you can employ straight away to make real improvements in how engaging, persuasive and readable your writing is.

Whether you have to produce enticing web copy, readable research reports, succinct emails or just generally polished and professional business writing, this one day course offers a wide range of useful ideas that will have an instant impact on your writing skills, as well as plenty of opportunities for individual feedback from an expert professional writer.

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