What will delegates learn?

By the end of the Handling Challenging Conversations course delegates will have learned how to: Set clear expectations Handle difficult attitudes Confidently have difficult conversations with staff and colleagues Select the appropriate feedback tools Identify how to remain assertive and in ‘adult’ mode Spot what happens when your buttons are pressed and how to manage Read more about What will delegates learn?[…]

What is the course content?

Every in-house delivery is unique and adapted to the needs of your delegates and organisation, however, a typical course might look something like this: 1) Different types of challenging conversations What makes some conversations challenging? Identifying the different types of tricky conversations and how to manage each type Dealing with difficult attitudes Identifying ‘what people Read more about What is the course content?[…]

What’s this course about?

The ability to have open, honest and productive conversations with colleagues is a vital skill for all managers. But sometimes, talking about sensitive topics like under-productivity or issues around behaviour, attitude or money can be difficult. For some managers, their perceived lack of sensitivity can trigger emotional or defensive reactions in colleagues that can sour Read more about What’s this course about?[…]

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for managers and team leaders responsible for the performance and conduct of staff, and who want to improve their ability and confidence delivering difficult news of feedback.