20 June, 2022

Understanding Inclusion – resources

To help you build on your recent virtual training we have put together this page of useful materials and resources relating to issues around inclusion, diversity and equality at work.

We hope they will be of use to you.

Do get in touch if you have any questions.

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Reports and handbooks

CIPD’s UK Working Lives Report, 2019. This is a detailed report of survey data that explores modern working lives, with an important focus on how characteristics such as gender, age, ethnicity are linked to people’s experience of work.
Working Lives Report

The Creative Differences Handbook, from Universal Music UK – a handbook for embracing neurodiversity in the creative industries.
Creative Differences Handbook

White paper ‘Bold and Inclusive Leadership’ from Diversity Best Practices, a US-based consultancy.
Bold and Inclusive Leadership

Korn Ferry white paper on ‘The Inclusive Leader’.
The Inclusive Leader

CIPD’s 2019 Building Inclusive Workplaces report. Assesses the evidence on inclusion and explores how we can create more inclusive organisations.
Building Inclusive Workplaces


3 Powerful Ways to Improve Diversity of Thought on Your Team:

Diversity’s New Frontier:

The Six Signature traits of Inclusive Leadership:

The Clear Company: What an Inclusive Workplace Looks Like and how to Achieve it:

Leader’s Edge: How to Have Inclusive Conversations at Work:


Academic articles

Melton, N. and Cunningham, G. (2014) Who are the champions? Using a multilevel model to examine perceptions of employee support for LGBT inclusion in sport organizations. Journal of Sport Management. Vol 20. pp189–206Nishii, L.H. (2013) The benefits of climate for inclusion for gender-diverse groups. Academy of Management Journal. Vol 50, No 6. Pp. 1754–74.

Li, C.R., Lin, C.J., Tien, Y.H. and Chen, C.M. (2017) A multilevel model of team cultural diversity and creativity: the role of climate for inclusion. Journal of Creative Behavior. Vol 51, No 2. Pp. 163–79.

Bodla, A., Tang, N., Jiang, W. and Tian, L. (2018) Diversity and creativity in cross-national teams: the role of team knowledge sharing and inclusive climate. Journal of Management and Organization. Vol 24, No 5. Pp. 711–29. (Ali Ahmed reference)

Sabharwal, M. (2014) Is diversity management sufficient? Organizational inclusion to further performance. Public Personnel Management. Vol 43, No 2. Pp. 197–217.

Zhu, X., Law, K.S., Sun, T. and Yang, D. (2019) Thriving of employees with disabilities: the roles of job self-efficacy, inclusion, and team-learning climate. Human Resource Management. Vol 58, No 1. Pp. 21–34.

Pless and Maak (2004) Building an inclusive diversity culture: principles, processes and practice. Journal of Business Ethics. Vol 54, No 2. Pp, 129–47. 

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