What is the course about?

Coaching improves performance. Managers know that their team’s best performance is achieved when every member puts in a strong individual performance. The most successful and happiest teams are those in which everyone feels supported, valued and positive about their role – and puts in a performance to match. Weak performance and low morale, on the other hand, can easily set in when team members lack individual guidance or feel their interests are being ignored.

Coaching is perhaps the most powerful tool managers have for maintaining performance, commitment and positivity within their teams. Managers who know how to coach take time to listen to team members’ needs, provide guidance and tools to support individual improvement and know how to motivate and recognise success. It is also effective when handling conflict, supporting someone who is struggling or having a difficult time and ensuring goals are met.   But coaching isn’t always straightforward. Every personality is unique and will respond best to a different set of coaching techniques. Different members of staff present different challenges.  So for the manager, having the right knowledge and skills to make the most of each session is vital.

This comprehensive two-day course teaches a range of models, tools and techniques for coaching. It includes practical sessions with feedback from our experienced coach to enable delegates to develop their skills and confidence.  They’ll learn how their natural coaching style impacts on others, and build on this knowledge to improve the impact of your coaching sessions. Delegates will leave feeling confident and ready to use their new skills to make a positive impact on their team or coachees as soon as they return to the office.

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