What is the course content?

Each course is adapted to suit the needs of those attending and whether one or two days are allocated for the training. A typical programme will include these areas:


  • What is the purpose of workplace coaching?
  • The difference between doing, telling and coaching
  • Behaviours and characteristics of a coach
  • Competencies of a workplace coach

Communication skills

  • Words, tone, body language
  • Advanced questioning skills for coaching
  • Building rapport
  • Skills practice and feedback

Coaching models and practice

  • The STAR & GROW models
  • Building your own bank of coaching questions
  • Johari Window & self-awareness
  • Diagnostic tools and psychometric models to support coaching
  • Further skills practice and feedback

 Setting goals and feedback

  • Preparing for coaching
  • A range of feedback models
  • Setting well-defined goals
  • Challenging skills to overcome resistance
  • Skills practice and feedback

Structure of coaching

  • Opening and closing a coaching session
  • The coaching cycle
  • Record keeping

Ethics and boundaries in coaching

  • Contracting, confidentiality and supervision in coaching (where appropriate)
  • Self-management as a coach
  • ICF core competencies of coaching
  • Reflecting on own strengths and weaknesses as a coach

Action planning

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