What is the course content?

Every in-house delivery is unique and adapted to the needs of your delegates and organisation, however, a typical course might look like this:

  1. What do we mean by ‘engagement’ and ‘motivation’?
  2. The commercial impact of high levels of engagement in a team and business
  3. Identify the key elements that contribute to a positive work environment
  4. Set clear expectations for your team
  5. Give and receive feedback that increases, rather than decreases, engagement
  6. Strengths-based leadership
  7. Emotional intelligence – identifying where you’re strong and which areas you need to develop
  8. Adapt your approach to different personalities and different situations
  9. Define the challenge – what’s working within your team and what isn’t?
  10. Address employee motivation challenges within your organisation
  11. Use a range of practical motivation tools to assess motivation, re-engage staff and improve performance
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