What is the course content?

Every in-house delivery is unique and adapted to the needs of your delegates and organisation, however, a typical course might look something like this:

  1. AM Session Starts: Introductions and plan for the day
  2. What is a Project? – Delegates are introduced to the ‘principles’
  3. Mini Project work – Delegates to work in two groups
  4. Results, presentations, debrief of key learning from exercise
  5. The five stages of Project Management – Facilitator input
  6. Scoping of Project Goals (SMARTER) & High Level Planning
  7. Building the Project Team – Group exercise to identify the skill
  8. Profile required for more effective team collaboration & focus
  9. PM Session Starts: Review the key learning points from the morning
  10. Scheduling time realistically – Gantt Charts, Work Breakdown
  11. Structures – delegates to work in pairs on real examples
  12. Risk Analysis, Assumptions, and Monitoring
  13. How to keep the Project on track – the Control mechanisms
  14. The Golden Rules for Project Success & Project Evaluation
  15. Questions and Personal Action Planning
  16. Feedback and Close
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