What is the course content?

Below is an outline of what can be covered. Depending on whether you prefer a one or a two day course, we can work with you to identify which elements to emphasise to make best use of the training time..

What does great project management look like?

  • What’s the purpose of a project manager?
  • What does a great project manager do?
  • Where are our strengths and weaknesses as project managers?

The project management process

  • Understanding what process will be used
  • Agreeing the definitions used
  • Defining the key responsibilities of the Project Manager, team and stakeholders

 Agreeing the scope of the project

  • Agreeing the scope – the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of projects
  • Managing complexity – what can you define / not define? / what are the accepted risks
  • Identifying key markers for success
  • Managing scope creep

Managing an agile-type process

  • Making the most of the daily / weekly/ fortnightly meetings or touch points
  • What is your DOD (Definition of Done) at each stage of the project?
  • Managing the project team, including staff who are working on different projects
  • Managing the burn throughout the project
  • Managing risk – up and down

Managing the expectations of stakeholders

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Managing expectations as the project evolves and if things ‘slip’
  • Negotiating and influencing skills to keep stakeholders on board

Managing challenging conversations during project management

  • What sorts of challenging conversations do we have?
  • Five communication styles and which ones give the best result
  • Emotional intelligence – managing how we respond under pressure
  • Preparing for your own difficult conversations with stakeholders

Evaluating projects for outcomes not just outputs

Action planning


Strengths Finder assessment coaching (optional)

There is the option for delegates to complete the Clifton Strengths Finder online assessment that identifies their top five strengths.  Delegates then have a one to one coaching call with our coach to discuss how they use these strengths during their projects, what the ‘shadow’ sides of strengths are (i.e. how they can be over-played under pressure) and how they can use their strengths more actively in their role.

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