What’s this course about?

Whether your goal is to produce or update a website, app, IT system, or any other digital product, effective project management is critical to your ultimate success.

And yet, many people tasked with leading a project are not specialist or trained project managers, and often have to fulfil this role alongside many other responsibilities. New project managers often lack the experience or skills to recognise and tackle problems before they get out of control, and many don’t have the confidence to have difficult conversations inside the business and with external stakeholders.

Inevitably, this means an unstructured approach, unclear goals and communication, and eventually, project overruns and failures.

It is vital then, that those leading digital projects are properly equipped with a clear process for each project that enables co-ordination, sets and manages expectations and agrees clearly defined goals for each stage. They also need the skills and confidence to keep key stakeholders informed and on-board, and to address challenging issues as they arise.

This ‘Managing Digital Projects’ course has been designed to address the needs of non-specialists who have been given digital project management responsibilities and who want to develop a professional, organised and structured approach. It is a practical and realistic programme, with a raft of tools and techniques to make your role easier and more effective.

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