What is the course content?

Below is an outline of what can be covered. Depending on whether you prefer a one or a two day course, we can work with you to identify which elements to emphasise to make best use of the training time.. What does great project management look like? What’s the purpose of a project manager? What Read more about What is the course content?[…]

What will delegates learn?

By the end of the Leading Projects course delegates will learn to: Define the scope of the project Agree Critical Success Factors Understand and use an agreed process Manage the project team Apply project monitoring and control techniques Use risk analysis and management Manage expectations throughout the project Keep key stakeholders on board at each Read more about What will delegates learn?[…]

What’s this course about?

Whether your goal is to produce or update a website, app, IT system, or any other digital product, effective project management is critical to your ultimate success. And yet, many people tasked with leading a project are not specialist or trained project managers, and often have to fulfil this role alongside many other responsibilities. New Read more about What’s this course about?[…]

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for those who manage small to medium sized digital projects, particularly those who are new to their role or who are not project management specialists.