Sales and customer service

Virtual training to help you gain and retain customers

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. How good your organisation is at finding them and keeping them happy is fundamental to its long-term success.

Our range of virtual training courses has been devised to help your salespeople find more prospects, build better relationships and make more sales.

We also offer expert-led programmes on customer service – the key to turning one-time customers into loyal advocates for your brand.

If you have any questions about the programmes below, please contact us to discuss.

Essential sales skills

Learn a range of the most useful sales techniques that can be applied in a wide range of contexts to boost your persuasiveness and confidence in sales calls and meetings. Ideal for new recruits and those without previous sales training.

Advanced sales skills

Learn the secrets of the best salespeople by exploring powerful techniques around topics such as consultative selling, overcoming objections,  building rapport and flexible influencing. Ideal for more experienced salespeople.

Remote sales skills

Develop skills and confidence selling in a virtual environment. This programme is ideal for in-person sellers who lack experience selling virtually. Delegates learn the skills to make the most of technology and to overcome the challenges of selling remotely.

Key account management

Develop the skills skills you need to maximise the value of every customer by building and maintaining great ongoing customer relationships. Understand the importance of planning  and analysis to support regular and productive communication. 

Building trust to boost sales

Learn why building trust is so important to long-term relationships and sales success. Find out your current levels of trustworthiness and discover the behaviours that are key to earning the trust of others. 

Great customer service

Excellent customer service is the key to maintaining long and fruitful relationships with your clients. Learn to identify what makes excellent customer service in your business, plan how to meet these expectations, and know what to do if things go wrong.

About us

Cambridge Exec is a boutique learning consultancy made up of a select team of specialists in workplace communications and leadership. We deliver training and coaching, and conduct research and analysis that supports your people-centred workplace culture.

For over fifteen years we’ve been helping organisations ranging from small startups to international brands to build their people’s capacities, enhance wellbeing and boost engagement and productivity at work.

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