Team coaching

Helping build happy and highly productive teams

Does your team need to work together more effectively? Do you want to increase their self-awareness and emotional intelligence? Or do you want to maximise the time, talents and energy of your team for the benefit of your organisation?

Our Team Coaching Sessions enable teams to move beyond their current positions and habits, increase their emotional intelligence, understand each other better and develop new ways of working to better achieve their business goals.

Typically we work with each team member on a one-to-one basis first, understanding their context and needs, capturing unique strengths and exploring patterns of behaviour. We then bring the whole team together where, through a series of events, we help them examine how they can maximise their performance to achieve the team’s full potential.

Team sessions facilitated by experienced coaches

Our expertise and experience in both business and human behaviour enable us to select the ideal tools and exercises to help teams identify common group behaviours, demonstrate gaps in perception, and work together in a way that increases group understanding and effectiveness.

Teams report that these sessions have resulted in increased engagement, improved communication, greater collaboration, higher levels of self-awareness and more strategic focus.

We also offer Gallup StrengthsFinder® Team Days and Coaching.

‘Your work with our us has significantly increased engagement and productivity within the team.’
Senior Manager, Kingfisher plc

Find out more or book an initial conversation

If you have any questions, or if you would like to have an informal, no obligation conversation with one of our Team coaches about how coaching could work for you please get in touch.

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Cambridge Executive Development is a boutique learning consultancy with a small and select team specialising in management and communication skills development. Over fifteen years we’ve helped people from hundreds of companies, including many of the country’s biggest brands, boost their productivity and confidence, and transform their impact at work.

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