Women leaders coaching

Supporting women leaders to fulfill their potential

Working with senior women over many years has given us wide knowledge and experience in the particular issues faced by women in positions of authority. As a senior woman, our coaching programmes provide you with the tools and space to create an inspiring vision for both yourself and your organisation.

Clearly, senior women face many of the same issues senior men face in their roles (see senior leader coaching details), but they often face other challenges too. To face these gender-specific issues we help you to develop new ways of thinking that empower you to ‘take, make and shape’ your role, as well as sharpening key skills such as influencing, confidence and increasing impact. Our executive coaching for women is tailored to help you play to your strengths, improving your impact at work whilst retaining your personal goals and authenticity.

Our support will both challenge and inspire you, helping you overcome the obstacles between you and a highly successful future.

We also offer leadership training programmes for Talented Women.

“Kate’s advice and support has been invaluable, giving me confidence and belief in my role.”
Victoria Lebedeva, Campus Management Team, Genome Campus, Cambridge

Find out more or book an initial conversation

If you have any questions, or if you would like to have an informal, no obligation conversation with one of our Women Leaders coaches about how coaching could work for you please get in touch.

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