Starting the Conversation about Mental Health at Work

Mental health issues affect around one in six workers at any given time, yet few ask their employers for help. The result can be bad for the individual concerned, as well as for the organisation. This session helps build delegates understanding of mental health and introduces an approach for talking more openly and supportively about this important issue.

During the session you will learn about:

  • Why is it important to talk about mental health at work?
  • A story of depression based on lived experience and why this is relevant.
  • The language of mental health – let’s talk about energy and talk about it more often.
  • What is mental health stigma?
  • The business case for wellbeing – this is not a fluffy subject.
  • The good news with case studies.
  • Where does mental health fit into the business agenda?
  • How can we support our people?
  • Four tips to normalise mental like physical health.
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