What’s this course about?

With ever more of us working from home, on the road or across multiple sites, the character of management is changing. And for many, the lack of in-person contact can be a challenge.

Of course the manager’s central role remains the same: To maintaining morale, engagement and productivity in their teams. But without daily face-to-face contact many managers can feel their influence and oversight has been reduced.

From the perspective of team members, working remotely can present a range of challenges that require their manager’s support. What these are depends on their personalities, working environments and the tools that are made available to them, so managers need to be aware and responsive to a wide range of new needs and concerns.

Done right, virtual teams can be hugely effective satisfying to work in, offering the right balance of structure, support and freedom to enable individuals to flourish. Our Leading Virtual Teams course provides virtual team leaders and managers with the tool to achieve this.

Over the course of this insightful and practical day, you will learn how to build team identity, communication and structure whilst taking account of individual needs and working styles. You’ll leave equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to run a focused, goal oriented team that works for the organisation and its employees.

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