What is the course content?

Day 1

  1. Introductions and learning objectives
  2. Leadership versus management – what is great management about?
  3. Action Centred Leadership and task/people style
  4. Communicating with team members
  5. The management cycle
  6. Setting objectives and identifying critical results
  7. Addressing team skill profile development areas
  8. The attitude cycle: how to influence your stakeholders
  9. Understanding your influencing style
  10. Developing a team culture
  11. Effective feedback techniques
  12. Personal action planning

Day 2

  1. Motivation unpicked
  2. Managing conflict
  3. Handling difficult people and conversations
  4. Building a strategic mindset
  5. Focus on delivery and clients
  6. Persuasive communications and presentation skills
  7. Competitive exercise to practise management skills
  8. Final personal action plan
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