What’s the course about?

This course has been developed specifically to meet the needs of experienced copywriters and marketing writers. If you are already writing marketing copy and have a firm foundation in the essentials of persuasive writing, this is the course that can take your writing to the next level.

During an interactive and lively day, copywriting guru Gillian Heggs will take you beyond the comfort zone of textbook copy, helping you improve the impact and originality of your writing. The course ranges widely, drawing together useful insights from the worlds of psychology, NLP, narrative analysis and the science of persuasion.

You’ll also learn a suite of thinking and creativity tools, from Gillian’s own ‘copywriting wheel’ to advanced brand storytelling techniques. But this isn’t just a course about how to think better about copywriting, it’s also about how to apply that knowledge to make a tangible impact on your writing. So during the day there’s plenty of time allocated to trying out and experimenting with your new knowledge – with Gillian’s support.

This course is an ideal stand-alone programme for experienced copywriters and marketing writers with a good grasp of the essentials of copywriting. If you have attended our Essential Copywriting workshop it also acts as the perfect follow-up, enabling you to continue building on what you’ve already learnt.

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