What’s the course about?

Negotiation can be a tough and demanding process. With two parties pulling in opposite directions it seems that someone has to lose out. But negotiation doesn’t have to be a contest of wills. It can also be an opportunity to build mutually beneficial relationships and trust.

Our negotiating skills training course covers the fundamentals of the entire negotiation process from beginning to end. You will learn the key stages that successful negotiators move through, how to build rapport and strong working relationships and how to identify when a successful outcome has been achieved.

You will build a repertoire of practical tactics to help you influence and persuade effectively, and will learn how to defuse conflict quickly. The course will help you manage your dealings with others in a way the enables you to retain control – even when dealing with difficult or aggressive negotiators.

You will also have a unique opportunity to assess your personal negotiating style, with expert feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your approach.

This negotiating skills training course offers an invaluable toolkit to help you become a more successful negotiator. Anyone whose work involves influencing and persuading others will find this course of huge benefit.

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