What’s the course about?

People respond to the challenges they face at work in different ways. Some people seem to thrive on pressure and bounce back quickly after disappointments, but for most of us coping with the demands of work and maintaining optimism in the face of setbacks can be difficult.

And of course, if we allow pressure and setbacks to get on top of us we can easily find ourselves trapped in a vicious cycle where our effectiveness at work suffers, leading to further problems and increasing pressure.

In order to thrive in our jobs it is vital that we are equipped with the skills to manage and profit from the difficulties and occasional failures that are an inevitable part of today’s demanding workplaces. In a nutshell, this is what resilience is all about.

Resilient people demonstrate more flexibility, higher energy and greater consistency than less resilient colleagues. They recognise failure as an inevitable byproduct of innovation, and whilst carrying forward useful lessons from each setback, they are able to move on emotionally, avoiding the persistent negative emotions that can lead to a decrease in performance or motivation, and further problems down the line.

This course offers a range of techniques to help delegates manage their thoughts about setbacks, teaching them how to use them positively as learning opportunities that will improve future performance. It provides the tools to develop a resilient mind-set that resists the tendency to see setbacks at work as personal disasters, and helps build the self-confidence needed to sustain them through difficult times.

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