What’s this course about?

Do you want to increase the number of sales and enquiries generated by your sales emails, letters, brochures, adverts or website? If so, our Essential Copywriting training course could be the shot in the arm your copywriting needs.

If you’re new to copywriting or lack formal training it’s all too easy to produce good writing that’s also poor copy. Great copywriting requires artistry, but the best results come when creativity is coupled to a set of principles built up over a hundred years of marketing research.

By learning and applying these rules you’ll see an instant impact on the results of your copywriting across a wide range of media. The Essential Copywriting training course offers you the chance to take time out to focus on getting this foundation right.

In a supportive, interactive atmosphere the workshop also offers aspiring copywriters confidence boosting tips on using creativity, style and personality. You’ll get a chance to swap ideas with other copywriters from different sectors and backgrounds, as well as receiving advice and feedback from our expert trainer.

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