What’s this course about?

A healthy, happy workplace is good for business and for staff. Studies have shown that the benefits can be seen in the bottom line, as well as in absence rates, staff turnover and employee engagement.

But in busy workplaces and demanding roles, we can easily lose sight of our own wellbeing – and that of others – in the race to meet client deadlines and achieve targets. And when pressure tips over into stress, both our immediate and long-term wellbeing and productivity will suffer.

This workshop provides managers with the knowledge they need to monitor wellbeing in their teams and themselves more effectively, and to recognise and respond to the warning signs of stress as early as possible. Based in the real-world rather than the ideal world, it focuses on practical ways to build physical and emotional wellbeing, and provides a toolkit of healthy habits and useful techniques to help boost physical and emotional wellbeing both inside and outside work.

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