What is the course content?

Every in-house delivery is unique and adapted to the needs of your delegates and organisation, however, a typical course would focus on four key areas: Dealing with tough negotiators and with conflict You don’t need to be aggressive to be a successful negotiator, but some people use this tactic to bully others into accepting their Read more about What is the course content?[…]

What will delegates learn?

By the end of the Negotiation Skills training course delegates will: Have greater confidence in their professional negotiations Be able to identify the elements of effective communication Understand the methods and goals of win-win negotiations Learn effective preparation skills Learn assertive influencing techniques Understand and practice the stages of principled negotiation Be able to identify Read more about What will delegates learn?[…]

What’s the course about?

Negotiation can be a tough and demanding process. With two parties pulling in opposite directions it seems that someone has to lose out. But negotiation doesn’t have to be a contest of wills. It can also be an opportunity to build mutually beneficial relationships and trust. Our negotiating skills training course covers the fundamentals of Read more about What’s the course about?[…]

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for anyone who has to negotiate as part of their jobs. This could include commercial and sales negotiations, those centred around goal-setting and planning, or those focused on allocation of resources. In fact, this course provides useful tools for those involved in any form of negotiation conversation as part of their Read more about Who is it for?[…]