What is the course content?

1. What is resilience? – Cooper/Robertson model. – A-B-C thinking. 2. How resilient are you? – questionnaire. – Change readiness & personal resilience. 3. Overcoming and growing from setbacks – Challenge. – Commitment. – Personal control. 4. Explaining setbacks to ourselves – Permanence. – Pervasiveness. – Personalisation. 5. Developing resilience – You are what you Read more about What is the course content?[…]

What will delegates learn?

By the end of this course, delegates will learn to: Understand the personal and professional implications of resilience Identify thinking patterns that help them to deal with setbacks positively Identify their ‘change readiness’ and how it’s linked to resilience Overcome and grow from setbacks, by understanding them in the context of challenge, commitment and personal Read more about What will delegates learn?[…]

What’s the course about?

People respond to the challenges they face at work in different ways. Some people seem to thrive on pressure and bounce back quickly after disappointments, but for most of us coping with the demands of work and maintaining optimism in the face of setbacks can be difficult. And of course, if we allow pressure and Read more about What’s the course about?[…]

Who’s it for?

Anyone whose role involves facing pressure and accepting the occasional setback or failure. This course provides tools applicable in a wide range of circumstances – at work and in wider life.