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Cambridge Exec’s virtual training brings classroom style, trainer-led learning live and direct to your laptop or tablet. It’s highly inteactive and can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation or group. You can find out more here.

Below are brief details of some of our most popular virtual courses. If you’d like more details or a quote please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Remote productivity & management

Successful home working

A toolkit for maintaining productivity and morale whilst working for extended periods at home.

  • Structuring your day
  • Maintaining motivation 
  • Managing distractions
  • Maintaining a work/home boundary
  • Staying connected to and visible with colleagues
  • Staying positive

Managing remotely

Techniques and processes for managing others without the advantages of regular face-to-face contact.

  • Responding to team members’ concerns
  • Understanding the focus versus motivation challenge for each team member
  • Harnessing the power of short-term goals
  • Maintaining relationships across the team
  • Sustaining the team’s morale

Effective virtual meetings

Learn how to facilitate productive and efficient virtual meetings.

  • Use meeting time effectively
  • Create protocols for your meetings
  • Create a safe environment
  • Use brainstorming/analysis/disagreement techniques to improve decision making
  • Deal with ‘difficult’ people or conflict in meetings 

Maintaining engagement & productivity in remote teams

Learn how to keep your team engaged, productive and happy when working without the usual structures of office life.

  • Staff engagement and staff satisfaction
  • The role of the line manager in building and maintaining engagement and wellbeing
  • How to spot the signs of engagement and identify low wellbeing in colleagues
  • How to increase team engagement without it taking much extra time
  • The manager’s emotional intelligence and the team’s engagement

Wellbeing and resilience for home workers

Build resilience and protect wellbeing when working from home. Learn a set of practical techniques for staying happy and healthy.

  • Managing your energy not just your time
  • Managing emotions under pressure
  • Altering thinking patterns around setbacks
  • Learning to ‘respond’ rather than ‘react’
  • ABC thinking
  • Increasing influence and control at work to become ‘stress resilient’
  • Recharging your batteries during and after the working day

Leading hybrid teams

Learn the most important skills for managing a team that consists of a mixture of remote and on-site workers to ensure cohesion and productivity.

  • Understanding the key challenges faced by hybrid teams
  • Ensuring information parity across the team
  • Ensuring inclusiveness and involvement
  • How to avoid your team splitting into a ‘core’ and a ‘fringe’
  • Managing through trust, objectives and outcomes
  • Identifying tensions and supporting individuals who are struggling


Coaching skills

Coaching skills are central to effective one-to-one management. Learn the key skills all coaches need to master.

  • Learn coaching and questioning skills
  • Use goals and action plans during coaching
  • Learn a range of coaching models
  • Overcome barriers and resistance during coaching
  • Set boundaries and use contracts in coaching
  • Act as a coach within your organisation

Essentials of management

A whistlestop introduction to management focusing on how management style can be flexed to specific situations.

  • Identifying your default leadership style and the impact it has on others
  • Adapting your style to different contexts and individuals
  • Using leadership styles to build motivation and engagement
  • Supporting structured autonomy in your team members
  • Building team engagement and productivity

Emotional intelligence

Develop key emotional skills for building relationships, improving self-awareness and improving emotional wellbeing in your team.

  • Learn the 12 aspects of Emotional Intelligence
  • Demonstrate increased levels of self-awareness
  • Manage your behaviours and emotions constructively
  • Improve relationships
  • Handle conflict productively
  • Identify your strengths and areas for development in Emotional Intelligence

Engaging and motivating

Learn how to build engagement and motivation, and how this leads to improved team performance.

  • Learn key techniques to engage your team
  • Increase engagement in your day-to-day approach with your team
  • Adapt your approach to different people in the team
  • Identify what gets in the way of motivating your team, and ways to overcome these barriers

Leadership legacy

This session explores how you can ensure you have a lasting and positive impact as a leader.

  • Identify your aspirations
  • What makes a great leader?
  • Identify what you want to be renowned for
  • Understand the characteristics that will enable your legacy
  • Have tools to support you in the testing moments

Managing poor performers

Improve your confidence and ability around addressing poor performance in your team.

  • How to set clear expectations for staff
  • Understand ways of gathering evidence on performance / attitude
  • Identify ways to manage attitudes effectively
  • Learn ways to hold staff to account
  • Increase your confidence in tackling and following through on performance issues


Essential sales skills

Learn a simple framework and the most important communication skills for making sales in a wide variety of contexts.

  • Maximising results using a five step selling framework
  • Key communication skills for sales calls and meetings
  •  Features, benefits and USPs
  •  Closing the sale
  •  Tips for selling in the virtual environment

Advanced sales skills

Develop your ability to build consultative relationships with customers to maximise sales over time. 

  • Advanced rapport building skills
  •  Flexing your communication style for different clients
  • Use consultative selling to build business relationships
  • Discovering and addressing your customers’ specific needs
  •  Handling objections 

Remote sales skills

Discover how to adapt to virtual selling, using advanced communication skills and making the most of the opportunities afforded by technology.

  • Translating in-person sales skills to the virtual environment
  • Building rapport and communicating naturally online
  • Identifying key features, benefits and USPs and translating them into useful phrases and descriptions
  • Closing the deal 

Key account management

Take an organised approach to key accounts, developing trust, exploring customer needs and building productive long-term partnerships.  

  • From conventional to relationship selling
  • Stages of relationship building, and how to negotiate them
  • Building credibility with new clients
  • Understanding client needs and identifying your key objectives for each account
  • Running regular account review meetings
  • Increasing the profitability of your key accounts 

Building trust to maximise sales

Learn the key role of trust in client relationships, how your behaviours influence perceptions of trust, and what steps you can take to inspire it. 

  • Understanding why trust is so important to business success
  • Assess your current levels of trustworthiness
  • Learn behaviours and processes that boost perceptions of trust
  • Consider clients’ needs and concerns
  • Promote a positive track record



Having difficult conversations

Learn how to have open, honest and productive conversations with colleagues, even around difficult topics.

  • Set clear expectations, 
  • Know how to say ‘no’
  • Handle difficult attitudes
  • Remaining in ‘adult’ mode
  • Spot what happens when their buttons are pressed and how to manage this
  • Ensure their conversations are constructive
  • Manage resistance from the other person calmly

Giving & receiving feedback

Build the skills and confidence to give and receive the honest feedback that  is vital to successful collaboration at work. 

  • Understand thoughts and feelings around feedback
  • Explore the benefits of feedback
  • Achieving clarity through two-way feedback
  • Giving calm, considerate, supportive and specific feedback
  • Embracing feedback positively
  • Using feedback to enable exceptional performance


Building trust

Understand the role of trust in successful teams and organisations, and identify how you can increase your ability to inspire trust at work.

  • Explore what creates trust
  • How trust impacts of efficiency
  • Assess your current trustworthiness
  • Established who you want to build trust with
  • Know what you want to do to build trusting relationships

Effective communications

Develop your communication skills – the key to productive, healthy working relationships, happy customers and efficient teamwork. 

  • Build your understanding of the dynamics of communication
  • Consider other people’s thinking styles and knowledge gaps
  • Prepare your communication effectively
  • Consider altering your style to meet the needs of others
  • Examine how to listen more effectively

Influencing without authority

Make sure your ideas are listened to and taken seriously, whatever your level of seniority.

  • Understand the ways to be your most persuasive
  • Understand of the dynamics of influencing
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your influencing style
  • Identify easy ways to build your credibility
  • Use a variety of rapport building techniques

How to disagree

Disagreeing constructively is a vital but difficult skill. This session explores how to disagree (and be disagreed with) better.

  • Understand the value of disagreement for team performance
  • Understand the barriers to disagreement we face as individuals
  • Identify your natural disagreement style and understand its impact on others
  • Identify and account for others’ personalities when disagreeing with them
  • Learn to deal with people who constantly disagree


Wellbeing at work

Learn to understand and monitor your wellbeing more effectively, and to recognise and respond when your wellbeing is under threat.

  • Consider the aspects of personal well-being
  • Explore how each aspect impacts on the other
  • Explore simple solutions to well-being for you and others
  • Understand how managing thought patterns can improve your wellbeing
  • Notice the signs of imbalance in yourself and others

Promoting team wellbeing

This session provides managers with the skills and confidence to monitor and support wellbeing in their teams.

  • Understand the different aspects of wellbeing
  • Understand the roles of engagement and communication in supporting wellbeing
  • Recognise when a team member needs support
  • Know how to discuss issues with sensitivity
  • Learn a range of ways to help colleagues
    Build a supportive culture in your team


Resilience at work

Build your ability to cope when times are tough and to overcome and learn from setbacks by reframing them as opportunities for development.

  • Understand the foundations of resilience
  • Identify thinking patterns that influence your resilience
  • Cope better with change and uncertainty
  • Reframe setbacks and use them positively
  • Develop a more resilient mindset


How is the training delivered?

Our virtual training sessions are delivered live online and are fully interactive. Just like our classroom training, they are delivered by an experienced tutor to a small group, ensuring plenty of chances to ask questions and discuss experiences. 

Using a free web-based interface, delegates are able to see, hear and interact with the trainer and other participants in real time. The sessions are intensive, and last 60-90 minutes. They equip participants with a range of practical tools and techniques selected for the instant impact they have on participants’ effectiveness at work.

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