Insights from Postive Psychology

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of what humans need to be happy and to thrive. Its insights can help us improve our wellbeing and mental health, overcome adversity and be the best version of yourself. A key finding from Positive Psychology is that emotions and behaviours spread – positive and negative. So by applying an understanding of Positive Psychology to improve our own wellbeing, we play our part in creating a positive working environment for the organisation as a whole.

This session includes:

  • An introduction to Positive Psychology – history and key concepts
  • The PERMA – PP model (Martin Seligman)
    • Positive Emotions – moving out of ‘victim’ mindset into one of positive influence / ratio of 3:1 positive to negative / choosing a positive attitude / think, feel, do model – Video clip / activity
    • Engagement – celebrating success / looking for what is good / brain’s negative bias – activity
    • Relationships – being kind / behaviour spreads – Candid camera clip – activity
    • Meaning – Gratitudes activity
    • Accomplishment – goal setting activity
  • Commitments forward – action planning and next steps
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