15 March, 2021

Remote & hybrid management

Below you will find a selection of resources to help you build on what you learnt during your training.

We’ve curated the content of this page to complement your classroom training, providing additional insights as well as a recap of some of the ideas and tools discussed during the course.

Useful articles and reports

Leading hybrid teams

How to Manage a Hybrid Team’ a Harvard Business Review article that explores how to manage a range of hybrid leadership challenges and describes case studies on hybrid working. 

Simple Ways To Improve Effectiveness In Hybrid Teams’ this Forbes article focuses on understanding the thinking biases that can impact hybrid team performance.

How to manage a hybrid team in the new era of work’, a Silicon Republic article offering a quick summary of key advice for managing hybrid teams.

‘How to Do Hybrid Right’ is a wide-ranging Harvard Business Review article looking at important areas for consideration in the move to hybrid, including insights into how hybrid work impacts different roles in different ways.  

‘Enabling asynchronous collaboration’ provides a range of tips for setting up and managing collaborative work in a hybrid context.

‘To get people back in the office, make it social’, an article from HBR exploring the importance of social time for building creativity, teamwork and support.

Hybrid meetings tips

‘What It Takes to Run a Great Hybrid Meeting’ Harvard Business Review.

‘Top tips for hybrid meetings’. CIPD.

‘How to Run Effective Hybrid Meetings with Semi-Remote Teams’. Unito.

‘How to Master Hybrid Meetings: 22 Best Practices’. Slido.

Remote working and management

What a Year of WFH Has Done to Our Relationships at Work”: HBR article exploring the impact of home working on relationships and social capital.

“Virtual Meeting Fatigue”: Why virtual meetings can be so draining – and what you can do to overcome this fatigue.

“Managing your energy, not your time” provides a new way of thinking about time management using the ‘science of stamina’.

“Coronavirus: What’s the future for the office?”: BBC article about the future of the office and home working in the light of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Why in-person workers may be more likely to get promoted” BBC article exploring the risk for remote workers of suffering from lower visibility and fewer opportunities at work. 

What a year of WFH has done to our relationships at work“: Harvard Business Review article considering evidence of the impact of remote working on the communication patterns at work. Also includes advice to managers on helping to avoid silos and disconnection. 

A range of articles on home working from Harvard Business Review, from the perspective of workers and managers:

Research on the impacts of remote working

A detailed set of initial results from a recent project by the Institute of Employment Studies:
Homeworker wellbeing report

A report on how Microsoft’s employees have responded to the switch to remote working:
Microsoft analytics report


Other recommended reading

‘Emotional Intelligence has 12 elements – which do you need to work on?’ By Daniel Goleman

Shadow of the Leader‘ by Anthony Landale

Recommended books


Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

Video recaps