Talent development coaching

Transforming high-potential into high-achievement

Our talent development programmes help nurture the abilities of high potential employees, supporting them as they develop into your organisation’s future leaders. We provide each participant with support to build the skills, confidence and direction that will complement and enhance their existing qualities and personal style.

Group development with individual attention

Talent development programmes often centre around group sessions where colleagues work together to exchange ideas and experiences with the support of one of our expert facilitators. These sessions can focus on specific issues relevant to the group, their roles or business sector.

Learnings from these group sessions are enhanced by one-to-one coaching sessions that enable individual issues to be addressed, and provide the participant with a chance to access personalised insights and guidance.

Top Talent Coaching

For those already in top leadership positions talent development coaching can also be a powerful resource.

Our insightful coaches can help senior professionals think objectively about their behaviours and assumptions, enabling them to gain new understandings about where – and how – they can continue to grow their capabilities and impact.

As well as coaching experience and qualifications, all of our coaches have a wealth of business experience to draw on, helping them to build strong, trusting relationships with those they work with. We also guarantee the highest levels of integrity and, of course, complete confidentiality, enabling us to provide the safe, objective outlet that many senior leaders find so valuable.

‘Kate Jennings worked with Trinity College, Cambridge as a coach and consultant.
Her work is effective and long-lasting. I would recommend her to any other organisation.’
Rod Pullen, COO, Trinity College, Cambridge University

Find out more or book an initial conversation

If you have any questions, or if you would like to have an informal, no obligation conversation with one of our Talent Development coaches about how coaching could work for you please get in touch.

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